Welcome to our Website.  The Caleb Generation is a not-for-profit organization/foundation committed to improving the lives of the elderly, especially the neglected ones.

There are hundreds of foundations in Africa. These foundations aim at building schools and/or orphanages, facilities for disabled and have other related projects.

But who is focusing and taking care of the elderly in Africa?

When walking through the streets of Accra, we were surrounded by the look of elderly people, who were lying under bridges, along the roadside, markets and several other locations. After doing some research we discovered that there were a lot of such aged in the society who have no place to call their homes. Surprisingly, we could not find any facilities for this group of people.

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We asked ourselves two questions: Why is this group forgotten and what can we do about it?

Why is this group forgotten?

Elderly people end up living on the streets mainly because of the loss of family, like children who could have taken care of them.

Even though Africa is renowned as a continent where families take good care of their elders, it is a fact that if you don't have family, you will be rejected by society and one has to survive on one’s own. In general, the saying “everyone for himself, God for us all” is pronounced is such situations.  That is, everyone has enough of their own problems. The result is that most elderly people end up as beggars on the streets and die lonely, dejected and depressed.

What can we do about it?

With these facts in mind, we founded The Caleb Generation. This name was culled from an ‘old’ man named Caleb in the bible. In his old age, Caleb declared: “even though I am old, I can still feel strength inside me and have the power to fight”. The elderly in Ghana are just like that - they look old, but some still work very hard and in spite of that live on the streets.

These people need help and deserve to enjoy their old age!!! That is why our foundation is dedicated to bringing these elderly folks together and giving them a home. This would ensure that they get the opportunity to fellowship together with their peers and also re-develop their hidden (forgotten) potentials. TOGETHER we can realize the dream of putting up the first facility for street elderly in Ghana. We can't do this alone!!!